Pixel Car Racing Paradise(4x4 Off-Road)
Hi welcome guest, here we have a pixel car paradise featuring kit cars, offroaders, full race cars and even real cars
All cars are added with permission and a range of racing them
You start with $20,000.
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Business Premises and Homes

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Business Premises and Homes Empty Business Premises and Homes

Post by The-TG-Corporation on Sat Nov 12, 2011 1:54 am

Right so when you start in this pixel world you live with your parents and you go to the real estate to buy a new home to move away from your parents and you can also buy a garage premises to put your street "legal" car when you don't want it leading back to you and also you can buy local business premises for you new shop and also make sure you check out peoples shops for the Buy-outs cause they may be in your price range soon and once you have bought them out then you can either keep the 2 Shops or sell the others premises and transfer the parts
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